Friday, October 31, 2008



So while Dan is out Trick-or-treating with the kids (hurray for helping husbands!) I thought I should update our blog with some cute new pictures as I have a TON of them. The kids have had a full week this week with all the activities and parties for Halloween. First though, I had meant to post a picture of this earlier with the other pumpkin pictures and forgot, but Kalli found this gourd out in the field while helping Lorie, and it looked just like a face! Anyway, the kids painted pumpkins a few days ago, Tarek had gotten a pumpkin from his nursery class (thanks Lorie) and was very determined that he was going to paint it. So I finally got up the ambition to get the paints out and cover the table. They had so much fun, it made me feel bad for dreading it so much. Than today, we finally got around to actually carving some. At least that was the plan, however, Tarek, the boy who loves to catch grasshoppers and hold snakes would not put his little hands into the pumpkins to help clean them out! I was shocked! I did finally convince him to help which lasted about two minutes than he was done. Kalli on the other had, cleaned hers out, and created the design on the pumpkin, and started to cut it out when we realized that the skin on her pumpkin was so thick the knife she was using couldn't cut clear though, so after all she had done, I ended up having to cut her design out as well with a sharper kitchen knife. At least they were proud of the end product.As soon as Dan got home from work Tarek informed him that he had cut his pumpkin all by himself! To which he than stated "except mom helped me."
As for Trick-or-Treating, Tarek decided that he wanted to be tiger this year and he looks so cute and grown up. He refused to wear the hat tonight, but at least I got a picture of it on him.Kalli wanted to be a witch and was so excited when we found a pink and black which so that she could be a nice, pretty witch. They both looked so cute and were so excited to go out tonight, and like I said before, lucky for me Dan was willing to tag along. Well, I better get the door as there are trick-or-treaters knocking!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A picture of one of the pumpkin fields.Kalli picking pumpkins
Tarek in the field choosing a pumpkin

Every year at the start of October we try to take a family trip down to David and Lorie's Farm, just as the pumpkins are getting picked and yet the weather is usually very nice. Kalli had a few days off from school so we took the opportunity to head on down. The kids alway love going down and absolutly love being on the farm. The last two years Lorie has carved the kids names into pumpkins while they are still small and the flesh is usually able to heal leaving the kids names imprinted in the pumpkins. She than takes the kids out to the field and they get to find the pumpkin with their names on them. Tarek's didn't work quite as well this year and is starting to rot, but we hope it will make it a few weeks before being totally rotten.
Kalli with her named pumpkin
Tarek with his named pumpkin
There is always something to do on the farm and no one is every board, the eggs need gathered from the chickens,
the golf course is always ready to play on, there are always extra four wheelers, and the cows always love to have rotten pumpkins feed to them. (Tarek especially loves this job, and loves to help Dan throw the pumpkins in with the cows and make them explode!)
Dan and Tarek even managed to get in some lawn mowing. They figured out that the grass was just long enough to mow letters into it. I don't know how pleased Lorie was to find the letters in her grass. I am so glad for the modern conviencies we have now, I can't imagine trying to mow an entire yard with one of these.
And of course Grandma always needs help picking pumpkins for her market.
We borrowed my Dad's truck for the weekend in order to bring back a few pumpkins and we always have fun decorating the front of our house with them. This year was fun in that many of Dan's brothers and sisters were there as well with their families so the kids got to spend a lot of time with their cousins. It is such a nice place to go and visit, and the kids always want to stay longer. Kalli has mastered the four wheelers and loves taking them for rides and running errands for Grandma Lorie all over the farm. While we were there Lorie had some kindergarten classes scheduled to come out for a tour of the pumpkin patch.
Kalli with her pumpkin to take on the bus
The kids get to come out into the field and pick a pumpkin to take home with them while she tells them all about pumpkins. Kalli and Tarek thought this was great and got to ride on the school bus with Lorie and the kids.
Tarek with his pumpkin (he chose a white one)
Tarek was so proud of himself and really made a lot of friends when he caught a HUGE grasshopper out in the field and took it on the bus to show everyone.
Showing off his prize catch of the trip, his grasshopper
We always have such a great time there, and yet it is always so nice to be back home in your own bed. I do have to say that after a few days work down there, I am glad to not live a farm life! Those early morings and long days sure would be hard to do every day. We are sure greatful for David and Lorie and all they do for our family and our kids, and really do appreciate them letting us interrupt their lives for a few days every October.