Thursday, May 14, 2009


So I have found a new hobby. A friend of mine had begun to cut out coupons and after talking to her and learning how much she was able to save along with getting a food storage, I am now totally hooked. It is so crazy to go to a store and come out with a few bags of groceries while only having spent a few dollars. I do spend quite a bit of time cutting out the coupons, but usually I do that at night while watching TV. However, yesterday Tarek got out his scissors and "helped" me. He was so proud of the pile of cut up paper he made, and I was quite impressed with his control of the scissors and that he was actually able to cut a few straight lines. He thinks it is like real money and that if there is a picture of something, and you cut out the "coupon", than you get that thing. So in his world I am going to be getting a new camera and he is going to get a new trampoline and bike! If only it really worked that way. However, it is really crazy how much you can really get if you use coupons plus my food storage is really starting to grow!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We think that we have finally figured out Tarek's problem and why he keeps getting sick. The poor boy has been sick on and off for nearly the last six months. He gets well and does good for a week or so and then gets wheezy and sick again. The doctor has suggested that he may have asthma. So for the last few weeks we have been doing breathing treatments and allergy medicine and he seems to be responding really well. The only problem is that he really does not like the breathing treatments. A neighbor of mine suggested and "dinosaur mask" and was kind enough to give us on and it has worked AWESOME! He still hates having to sit still for the few minutes it takes, but at least he gets to blow smoke out of the dinosaurs nose. And it seems to really be working.
Kalli had her school Carnival on Monday and the kids had a great time. It was rather cold, and I really felt sorry for those teachers and the principal that got to do the dunking booth outside. They had a lot of games, cotton candy, face painting, and of course LOTS OF PEOPLE! We did come out good though, winning a $10.00 gift certificate to ice cream in the raffle.
Dreyken is growing so fast, she has been going to the chiropractor and her head looks SOOO much better! I am so glad that it seems to be working, and hopefully the helmet will not have to happen. In my spare time I have found a few crochet patterns and enjoy making hats for her. She is still to small to through a fit at having to wear homemade items (except for the few times the hats fall onto her eyes.)
I am so grateful for my great kids!