Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So this week has been spring break for Kalli (nice to have a spring break with SNOW!) Anyway, to keep the kids entertained, I saw some kites for $1.00 and I couldn't resist. Tarek had never had his own kite, let alone got to fly one. He helped pick them out at the store, his is Spiderman and Kalli's is Hannah Montana! Anyway, the weather was perfect for flying kites and the kids had so much fun. It is crazy that the annoying Idaho wind can actually be good for something. Then yesterday, we took the kids up to my grandparent's cabin and went sledding for the day. I was so bummed out when I realized I had forgotten my camera, oh well, the kids still had a good time. It was nice and peaceful up there and the kids got to sled and ride the snow machines all they wanted. Finally, today I took the kids swimming for a few hours. Dreyken even got in for almost an hour and LOVED it. She was so good and I think that the warm water felt really good on her sore legs.
As for her sore legs, I took her into the doctor's for her two month check-up (I can't believe she is already two months!) So for anyone who cares to know, and also for my own record keeping she weighed 12 lbs 6.5 oz (huge) and was 24 1/4 in long. She was so good the whole time, even smiling for the doctor until the shot came along, thus the sore legs. The announcement above is one that my cousin put together for me with the pictures she took. It is not the one I am using, but I absolutely loved how it looked. As for the ones I am sending out, they are still sitting on my table waiting for addresses to be put on them. Something I am hoping to do soon!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today, Dan was out working in the yard and needed to run an errand. He took Tarek with him in his truck that only has jump seats in the back. After they had gotten done what they needed to and were headed home Tarek informed Dan that he was not buckled in. To my knowledge the conversation went like this...
Tarek: Dad I am not buckled in! Mom is going to be so mad!
Dan: It is okay, we just won't tell her.
Tarek: Dad, we have to tell the truth!
Dan: Your right, we do have to tell the truth.
They then talked about telling the truth the rest of the ride home. Once the are home...
Tarek: Dad, you need to go and tell mom the truth!
Dan: You're right, but I am kind of busy so can you tell her for me.
Tarek: okay... (he then came inside and told me) Sorry mom, Dad forgot to buckle me in.
At least he is learning something positive!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It is hard to believe that on Tuesday Dreyken was six weeks old. She is really growing and is such a happy and easy baby. She has started to really smile and it is so fun to get a big huge grin from her every morning as soon as she sees my face. She loves to have anyone talk to her who will and often times rewards them with a big toothless grin. We are so bless to have her in our family, she is such a joy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We had quite an interesting Sunday night this week. We had gone over to my parents house for dinner and were just coming home. It was around 7:30 and dark outside. As we got home there was a man standing at the bottom of our driveway looking very out of it. Dan pulled the car into the garage, got Dreyken out and set her up by the door. He began to walk out toward the man as he had started to head toward our garage. He asked the man if he could help him, the man was completely confused. I got the kids out of the car and into the house and than came back out to see what the man was doing. I was a little nervous to have Dan out there alone, not knowing who the man was. I took my cell phone out to Dan as he was still trying to figure out the man's name or maybe where he lived. The man was completely covered in blood and mud. I headed back inside and called a neighbor of ours and asked if the husband would mind coming over and helping Dan as I was still not sure I wanted him out there alone. I couldn't tell if the man was a threat or not. He gladly came over and waited with Dan in our garage until the police showed up. Dan had called 911 and the dispatcher asked him to ask the man if his name was _______( I don't remember the exact name) the man responded with a yes and she had asked Dan if he could keep him around until the police showed up. It turned out that the man had wandered away from an assisted living center and they had been out looking for him. The man was disoriented and had fallen several times and had some major cuts and scrapes, which was where the blood was from. He had also walked through some fields to get to our neighborhood and was wet and very muddy . He was sure that our house was his house and had we been a few minutes later we would have found him in our house instead of our driveway. I was really glad to have Dan with me, as I often come home alone, other than on Sundays. It was also really nice to know that when the need is there we have great neighbors who are willing to help out at a moment's notice. I am really glad it all turned out all right, the man was returned to his caretaker and was being taken to the hospital, and my kids found the adventure rather exciting. I am glad to know that I have a husband who is very good at helping out those in need, without much concern for himself, but a lot of concern for his family.