Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So I finally got the nerve up to take Dreyken in for her first haircut! I was super worried that she would have a melt down at the salon, but she did so good. I had not ever cut her hair and it she was starting to look a little crazy :) I forgot to take my camara with me so the pictures had to be taken on my phone, but she was so proud of her new hair-do! She informed Kalli and Dan as soon as they got home that she got a hair cut and would show them how to cut with her fingers for sissors. I do have to say that it turned out super cute it really brought her curl back out.


Monday, March 7, 2011


A few weeks ago there was a contest at a bank here in Idaho Falls for 3-4 graders. They were to make a piggy bank and bring it in to the local branch. The only rules were that somewhere you had to have a slot to put money in; and you were to have only minimal parental help. Kalli decided that she wanted to make one, so her and her Dad got busy cutting and painting. The final product----
A Porta Piggy (the picture doesn't show, but the slot for the money is the toilet hole inside.) A week after dropping off the bank Kalli got a call --- She one first prize which was a trophy and a $100 savings bond! She was super excited and really had worked hard on her bank.

And just for fun I thought I would throw on this video of Dreyken and Tarek playing with some goop he bought. ENJOY!