Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So yep it has been over six months since I last updated! I got a new camera a few weeks ago before we headed to Mexico, so now I have A TON of pictures that I want to upload. But since that would be to much work I am going to stick on a few of the kids while in Mexico, as you can see they had a great time and are asking when we get to go again. It was super fun and we only had a few issues such as Dreyken throwing up the entire way to SLC the day before our flight, and Tarek getting a stomach bug the day we went to the ruins (he was such a good sport the entire day).

We also had Dan's cousin take family pictures for us a few months ago and she did an AMAZING job! Dreyken was not happy at all, yet had some super cute pics and the other kids of course were super good so thought I would share / post for my info just a few of the pics. What cute kids I have!