Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduation Time

Well we are into the last week of school for the kids so this week has been all the end of the year parties / field trips / and of course graduations! Dreyken had her graduation last week to graduate from Joy School. She is now off to Real Preschool next year and is super excited. I didn't get many pictures of her that night because anytime I would pull out my camara she would cry :/ I was able to sneek a few without her knowing though so at least I got something. Tarek's class didn't do any big graduation this year, but we are still super proud of him and how much he has grown and learned in First Grade. He went from a kid who hated to read, to reading third grade books and loving it! Kalli then had her graduation from Sixth Grade! She is off to Middle School next year, I can't believe how old she is getting. She is growing up into such a wonderful young woman and we are super proud of her and her hard work. She got a few awards at graduation that I want to remember. She got an award for Highest Language ISAT, and she got an award for Top Math Student. Way to go Kalli we are so lucky to have you as a daughter and love that you love learning so much. I had to include the last picture because although she is growing, some of the kids in her class are SO TALL! Yes, they are all sixth graders in that picture! :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two Months Old

Seriously, I can't believe how fast the time has gone! Iriel turned two months only on the 27th of April. I am late at posting but wanted to include her stats for my own records, and she didn't get in until a few days ago. So, her stats are: Height 22 3/4 inches = 70th percentile Weight 11 lbs 4.5 oz = 50th percentile I also want to remember a few things about this little lady: - She loves her baths! - She loves to eat - She is starting to smile on purpose, especially for her brother and sisters - Sleeps pretty well at night, not super long periods but does go back to sleep after eating - Is a very noisy sleeper grunting most of the night - Hates to have her hands tied down, or held down at anytime - Is loved so much by her entire family :) We are so blessed to get to have her in our family. I love the love that it brings into our house, and to see how much her brother and sisters care for her. Now if she can just stop growing up so fast! On another note, when I look at Iriel she looks like Tarek to me. So I looked at a baby picture of him and they look EXACTLY alike! However, I have had a lot of people tell me that they think she looks like Dreyken, I didn't really think so until Kalli was looking at some baby pictures of Dreyken and they look just like Irie as well! So I guess my kids come from the same mold. See if you can figure out who is who: Obviously Tarek is the one wearing overalls, but I love that in the picture Kalli looks just like Dreyken does now! Dreyken is the one in the brown dress, which I have and should try to get a picture of Iriel in it to really confuse me, and Iriel is the last picture. So funny to see how they change and grow, wonder what Irie will look like as she continues to get bigger.