Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Every year Dan's family goes down to Lake Powell for a few days. It is always a good time for the kids. It was a little more crazy trying to keep track of three kids this year, but they all had a great time. We got to spend a few days with at my in-laws farm with a family reunion. We celebrated the fourth of July there, the kids love going to the parade there as they throw a lot of candy out. The kids always love being on the farm with all the animals and room to run a play. Dreyken really liked the animals this year, she now knows a lot of animal sounds and names of animals. It is fun to see her reaction to the animals, she gets so excited and starts squeling and yelling.

Dreyken rode on a tube for the first time and also a Jet Ski. Tarek loved the Jet Skis and would get a ride from anyone willing to let him go. Kalli had fun with here cousins and friends, and wouldn't let me take her picture, so the few I have of her she always looks suprised or angry. But she did have a good time. We hiked up one day to some old Indian ruins, the kids thought that was pretty cool, other than the hike to get there. Lukily the kids were really good the entire trip, even Dreyken!