Thursday, January 27, 2011


I really need to update my blog as there has been so much the last few months with Christmas and the New Year, however, today's blog is going to be just about one thing... My Baby! Who turned two today! It is so hard for me to even say that!

So two years ago today, we were blessed with our crazy little monster, and life has been very entertaining since! So... a few things I want to remember about our little Dreyken Jade and who she is right now

- Absolutely a complete Daddy's girl! (which is really sad for me to have to admit) but no matter how hard I try, she always wants to be with Daddy! And she has him completely wrapped around her little finger!

- Loves her older sister and brother (although she is more willing to show Kalli her love and boss Tarek around)

- STUBBORN! She has a very strong will, and is not afraid to let people know it!

- She loves her dolls, dressing up like a princess and wearing either football or
soccer jerseys!(I love it when she is wearing a football jersey and wants to were her princess tutu her Aunt Brooke made for her!)

- Loves to Dance! Especially with Kalli and Tarek. She has quite the moves!

- She is quite the artist! (loves to draw on EVERYTHING! So far it has all washed off!)

- Has rather good manners and will respond with "stink you!" and "yellcome" however, her other favorite phrase is "you farted!" (ya I didn't teach her that one!)

- And she has an amazing since of humor! She loves to make people laugh and to get crazy. She has decided that anytime I try to take a picture she has to close her eyes and do a cheezy smile (so much for cute pictures!)

We are so blessed to get to have such a wonderful, full of life little girl in our family. She brings joy to house and is so loved by each of us. As it is sad for me as a mom to see my baby growing up, it is so fun to get to see the person that she is and to get to watch her grow, learn and experience the joys of life. I am grateful for all of my children and for my family, but today I am especially thankful to get to be Dreyken's mother!
I love you Dreyken! Happy Birthday!