Friday, May 6, 2011


This last year Kalli has had the chance to get to perform in three different plays. She was a "Pretty Lady" in a Western play that the Drama Club did. She had several speaking parts for this one and did a great job.
Then her fourth grade class was studing Lewis and Clark so they each had to write a 20 page typed play. The teacher picked three of them for the class to perform. She was cast as Clark in Act one of the play and again had several parts to learn. It was really fun to get to see their interpretation of Lewis and Clark and the experiences that they had.

And then, (my favorite of the three) her GATE class put on Jungle Book and performed at five schools and once for parents. She was a prickly pear for some of the time and a monkey for some of the time.

This one was a musical and they got to do a lot of dancing and singing. She did AWESOME! To see her come out of her comfort zone a little bit and have a fun time while doing so has been really fun to see.