Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Boxes and Dancing

The kids had to decorate a box for valentine's to take to school this year. Kalli decided to make an alligator / dinosaur box that turned out really cute - However, getting a picture of her with the box was another story :/ Tarek made a Lego box for his, he was pretty proud of the final product and I thought it turned out pretty cute. Dreyken performed again with her dance class only this time they did two different dances. She did such a great job with both dances. This outfit is used to dance to Footloose, it is so fun to see her get past her fears and get in front of so many people. She loved that Grandma and Riley were able to come a watch her.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sports and Makeup

So Tarek and Kalli have been keeping us busy this winter with all of their activities. I made them choose one activity at a time because that is all that I could handle at the moment. To start with Kalli chose to play Basketball with some of her friends and of course I am not a good mom and didn't get a single picture of her playing! I thought I had, but apparently not. She did really well and has improved so much just from last year. Tarek wanted to play indoor soccer (suprise suprise) so Dan put together a team from the neighborhood and they did super good. Tarek is really fun to watch play and just keeps improving. After both season's ended, new ones began and this time Kalli wanted to give indoor soccer a try (she has only ever played outdoor) so Dan and another Dad got together a team and they have been doing super well, and she seems to really be enjoying it. It is really interesting how much of a different game it becomes indoor;
the ball travels so much faster and there seems to be quite a bit more action. She has really enjoyed it, and has scored in a few games.
Tarek wanted to do both soccer and basketball for this next season, so I picked for him :) I wanted him to have a little bit of a break from Soccer and a neighbor was coaching a basketball team of boys in the neighborhood. He has really had a fun time. He also has improved so much from when he played last year. The boys are starting to figure out some of the rules, and how to play together a little bit.
Dreyken has been getting her fill of game after game and has been for the most part ok with it. She does really good until the end when she realizes that Tarek and/or Kalli are getting a treat from playing and she isn't. So far she has managed to snag a few treats from parents feeling sorry for her and her tears. She is getting super independent and last night Dan found her looking quite "cute" in our bathroom. Yep, she found some make-up and decided to try it out. This picture was taken after she had been crying because her eye was hurting. Even after cleaning her up, she still looks like she got hit in the eye. She sure knows how to keep me going.