Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My cousin and his family are getting ready to move to Arizona, so they were selling off some of their things and one was a cute little Barbie Powerwheels Jeep. Dreyken has seen these in the stores and has asked for one several times but they are just a bit out of hers and my price range :) So, thanks to Maddy and Anna, Dreyken now has a Pink Barbie Jeep! She LOVES IT! My favorite part though was as I was tucking her into bed that night after having let her and Tarek drive it around until it had no more battery, she said "Mom, you are the nicest since you got that jeep for me. You are the nicest and Dad, he is just Terrible!" It was so funny to see her little face and of course I am never considered nicer then Dan to any of my kids, so this made my day.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Dreyken decided the other day that she wanted to look like her sister Kalli. Well, a while back I had taken Kalli in to get her hair cut and Dreyken decided that it was now her turn. :( Her and Tarek were making some Mother's Day Suprises for me and were using sissors in my kitchen. I looked over and noticed she wasn't in the kitchen any more, I called for her and she quickly came out of her room. She walked up and said "Look Mom! I got short hair!" Luckily the hair salon was able to give her a cute new hairdo and still keep her looking like a little girl :)
This is her hair a few weeks ago, you can see how long it had gotten and it had quite a bit of curl.
Here is her showing me her "Short Hair"
This picture shows the the hair cut a little better, but was taken on my phone so is not as good of quality
And the hairstyle after a visit to the salon. They used a blowdryer on her hair and curled it under with a brush. I prefer to not have to spend 20 minutes blowdrying her hair so the next picture is after a bath. I was so glad to see that she still has some of the curl left!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This last Saturday we headed down as a family to Salt Lake to watch a Real Game. The kids were super excited when Dan told them he had tickets for the game. We went early so that we could participate in the Carnival Royal that they have for a few hours before the game starts. The kids got to play a bunch of games and won some really neat prizes. They were also running a deal that if you were in 15 minutes early you got a $5.00 food voucher which covered our ice cream treats we got about half way into the game. Dan had made all the kids learn the Real song before he would take them to the game, so all three (even Dreyken) knew the entire song - every word. They were also celebrating mother's day and they had the first 50 moms sign up to get to do a "Mom's Dash" I was one of the lucky 50 and got to head out on the field to "race" for some scrapbooking prizes. Some of them were Really Good! I ended up getting a really nice Scrapbook and a few other things. I also got to High Five the Lion! My kids responded with Kalli - "mom you looked funny out there" to Tarek - " You were AWESOME!" That is the difference you get between a kid who still thinks you are cool and one who is old enought to be embarrassed to be around her mom :) Real ended up winning 2-1 and it turned out to be a super fun family activity that we will definately be doing again.
Here is a video of the kids (mostly Dreyken) singing the song at the end of the game. Several people commented on the fact that she knew - and would sing - the entire song. She would sing as loud as she could anytime the song was played which was at the start and the end of the game and anytime they scored a goal.