Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So it is now official, my little girl is now one! I can hardly believe how fast she has grown and how quickly the time has gone by. It is hard to believe that one year ago today, we were in the hospital wondering if we were going to welcome a little girl or boy. Kalli hoping for a girl, Tarek really wanting a boy (he even cried when he found out it was a girl! He has gotten over that and loves her so much.) What an amazing blessing and addition she has been to our family. So along with A LOT of pictures I want to write down a few things about my sweet little beans.
  • Dreyken is a super happy child and very easy going (most of the time)
  • She is quick to laugh and loves to make others laugh / I love to hear her talking to herself and then laughing as though she is telling some sort of joke!
  • She really loves both her brother and sister so much, she will follow them everywhere they go. She is often found sitting at the top of the stairs looking down as she can hear them playing down there, but can't get past the gate.
  • Very much a Daddy's Girl, I have always said some day I will get a child that wants me over my husband. Well, she is not that child! From the minute he walks in the door, she becomes his little shadow.
  • An absolute Master at creating disaster where ever she goes! She empties cupboards, baskets, shelves, anything that she can get her little hands on.
  • Super curious! Which is probably why she creates such disasters as she wants to see what is in every cupboard or box.
  • An absolutely wonderful addition to our family. I can't even imagine what life would be like without her!

So now here are a few (okay a lot) of pictures from the past year of my sweet little girl!

We love you Dreyken Jade! Happy Birthday!


Thursday, January 7, 2010


I know I am really slow at updating from the holiday. So sorry for the picture overload. We had a great christmas here with just our little family. I then headed down south with the kids while Dan stayed home and worked. I spent a few days at my in-laws and had a really good time, other than Dreyken being sick most of the time. It was fun for the kids to get to se their cousins and However, I could have done without the drive home. I headed home during a storm and there were cars off the road EVERYWHERE! I pulled over in Farmington, and was not going to go any further, but heard from Dan that there was no snow up here in Idaho, so decided to head on. The roads did eventually clear up and the last half of the drive was so much better.
My sisters and their families along with all of my brothers and their families were able to get together for New Years. It was so fun getting to be all together again. I really miss having both of my sisters so far away! I do love having some of my brothers here though. But it was nice to get to see everyone for a little while.

And if you are wondering, Yes, Dan did give Dreyken footballs for Christmas. Funny thing is she LOVES them!