Thursday, December 17, 2009


We finally got around to getting ready for Christmas. We just barely got the tree set up, so thought I would post a few cute pictures. Plus, Dreyken is growing up so fast, and I just can't keep her little. She is such a funny, cute little thing. I was finally able to get her hair into piggy tails! (sort of, they are a little lopsided, but she so did not want to sit still.) She has also started to play games, and LOVES playing catch, especially with Dad and his football! There should be a video attached at the bottom if I can get it to work!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dan and I just got back from a little over a week in Mexico. Dan had gotten us a trip for our ten year anniversary (not until May, but didn't want to wait!). We went to a place called Rivearia Maya which was about an hour away from Cancun. It was BEAUTIFUL! It was also very warm and super relaxing, thanks to David and Lorie who tended our kids. Anyway, we mostly hung out on the beach and stayed at our resort which was all inclusive (I would so recommend this to anyone looking for a good vacation). We did leave twice to go see Tulum one day, and then to Coba for a day. We ran into a ton of huge lizards, and got to get up close with a monkey while on those trips.

Dan really enjoyed the variety of food from Escargot to Octopus Lasagna (yea, he really did eat both!) While I enjoyed a lot of fresh fruit and freshly made crepes. Anyway, here are bunch of pictures from the trip. They were getting ready for Christmas at the resort so there were Christmas lights EVERYWHERE!
This is some ruins buy our hotel that we walked on the beach to.

This is the walkways that line the entire hotel property to get you from one place to another without having to get wet when it is raining.
A picture from the beach
This is a picture of our hotel
More of the beach
This shows just some of the Christmas lights that were up.
Dan and I at Tulum.
Me about to touch a HUGE lizard
A picture of our hotel room

One of the many swimming pools
My trophy I won in a tennis tournament

Dan and I standing at the bottom of Coba just before we headed up.
A look down from the top of Coba
Inside a Cenote (a cave with a lake in it) that we stopped at on our way home from Coba to swim in.
The monkey that we got to see