Thursday, July 24, 2008


So with all the hip problems the last little while and the exhaustion of preganancy, my in-laws offered to take my kids for awhile. This sounded really good and would give me a nice break to just work on getting better. Plus, Dan was able to talk his parents into helping us out with our puppy (as in she is now a farm dog) which has made my life a LOT easier since I had no control over her the last month or so (Thank you so much David and Lorie you have no idea how much it has really helped). Well, last Saturday, Dan drove down to his parents house with the kids and dog, stayed overnight and came home alone the next day. The plan was for the kids to stay for the week and they would meet up with Dan the next Sunday to exchange kids. Well it is now Thursday, and I am really missing my kids! Not only do I miss them, but my cute little girl is turning Seven today! I am so missing getting to spend today with her. However, my mother-in-law called me to let me know that the birthday party they had planned for a few of the neighbor kids has grown into quite a party. She said she is expecting close to Fifty kids! When Dan first told me about the birthday party they were planning my first response was "she doesn't know anyone there, who is she going to invite?" to which he responded "it's Gunnison, it is a normal thing to do there". I had to laugh, cause it sure is a different life from what I am use to. Anyway, it sounds like they are having a really great time and are now asking to stay longer! Dan likes to tease me and say that the kids are just way to busy to miss me. I really do miss them, but I am so thankful to have married into such a great family that is willing to do what they can to help out. Both Dan and I are so really blessed with great families. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALLI! I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yesterday, my kids were starting to get a little stir crazy as they have been cooped up in my house with me almost every day except Saturday and Sunday when Dan was home and they just needed to get out. They are such great kids and have had to put up with a lot from me lately, but it is amazing to me at how creative they can be. For example I was making some Mac and Cheese for lunch and Tarek kept bring blankets out of his and Kalli's room, after awhile he came in so excited and proud of himself. He dragged me into the front room and showed me a fort he had build by himself. He crawled inside and told me that he was going to sleep in here forever, even though his little toes hung out the end. I can remember building forts downstairs when I was young, and we all would start out helping and get board after awhile and leave. Of course when we would come back Paul would have build some elaborate fort that the entire family could fit under.
Tarek and Kalli enjoying his Fort

So to get the kids out of the house for a bit I went and picked up a pizza and got a loaf of old bread and we headed down to the river for a picnic and to feed the ducks for family night. I can remember when I was little my dad taking all the kids down to the river on Sundays to get us out of the house and give my mom some peace. We would feed the ducks and look at the falls, it really is such a beautiful place especially with the temple as the view. We had taken Kalli a lot to feed ducks when we lived in SLC since we were not to far from Sugar House Park and she always had a good time. This was the first time for Tarek, and he was so excited about the entire thing. It is crazy that we have such a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the outdoors so close and this is the first time in his two (almost three) years that we have taken him to feed the ducks. Kalli had a great time as well and neither of them wanted to leave when we were done. It was such a great time and we are definitely going to have to do that again soon.
Kalli and Tarek feeding the ducks with the beautiful Temple behind them

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I was just getting off my computer for the night when Dan told me that he had e-mailed me a picture of Tarek that I needed to look at. I got back on my computer and this is the picture that I saw...

Needless to say, I found it rather entertaining and so we came up with two more pictures...

Anyway, kind of funny. If you couldn't tell by the pictures, Dan is a Detroit Lions Fan (crazy I know) and thus the Halloween outfits this year. Kalli is dressed and ready for a singing performance. As for the picture of Tarek, it was taken by my brother-in-law Randy on our trip to Lake Powell. Tarek calls the look as the "Stink Eye" and upon command if he is asked to do the "Stink Eye" that is the look you are going to get!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So I have had this video for a little while and it is really quite funny to watch. Unfortunately it is a little hard to see as it was taken in the basement at night. It does get better as the video goes on and you can actually see him a little bit. However, I decided that I would attempt at posting it anyway and see if I could even figure it out. So the story behind the video is that my son Tarek is very into the Nintendo Wii and loves it anytime he can talk someone into playing with him. His favorite is the boxing and he has actually beaten his sister quite easily and can keep up with his dad. He also likes to run on the Wii Fit which he is able to beat all of us at quite easily. He also thinks that anytime he sees the camera that he has to say "Cheese" so he is constantly saying "Cheese" throughout the video. It amazes me at how grown up he is getting and how much like his dad he is.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


So here we go, we are going to try giving this blogging thing a shot. I have been thinking about doing one for awhile, but was not sure when or if I would actually write on it. Well, since I have been in bed for the last two days I decided I needed something to keep me busy that doesn't require to much walking around. So we had a great fourth of July this year (kind of). The firework show here in Idaho was great and the kids had a good time. Tarek wants to see fireworks every night now. The parade was good but a little bit on the hot side, and it is always good food at Sharon's house afterwards. As for the not so fun part of the holiday, well I am sure it will be news to many of you, but I am expecting our third child and me and pregnancy just don't really get along. So along with the morning sickness my legs are acting up early and my hip is already out of place (I had hoped maybe I would be lucky this time and they would hold together) So anyway, I got to spend the holiday hobbling around on a crutch, which my kids find quite amusing. I ended up riding in the buggy (a stroller for two) with Tarek to get to the fireworks and than my Dad had to give me a lift back to the car on his scooter after the show. We had decided to park at Jake and Jana's house as they are pretty close to the firework show, which was good on the way in, but we ended up sitting in the car for nearly an hour in order to get onto the street to head home. Needless to say we were one of the last ones out of downtown this year. Anyway, hopefully I can get this Blog thing figured out and post a little more as I sit around the next little while.