Sunday, November 7, 2010


We had a great Halloween this year! Dreyken was old enough to have a great time, and the other kids got LOTS of candy! We dressed Dreyken up as a Dragon this year (since she wasn't old enough to really care and the costume was really warm). Tarek had a really hard time choosing his costume, but ended up dressing up as a Hot Wheels Race Car Driver. Kalli chose to be Draculara (the daughter of Dracula) and looked really cute in her pink and black wig. We carved pumpkins the week of Halloween, and lucky for me, I had a little help this year! Kalli was able to do most of her pumpkin herself! Tarek, cleaned out a lot of his, choose his pattern and punched most of the design! And then there was Dreyken's... She wouldn't even put her hand into the pumpkin!! A friend of my parents has a helicopter that Tarek was told about. Well, since then he has been asking when he is going to get to go for a ride. My parents set up a date for us to go for family night one night, and Tarek was one happy little boy!! It can only hold four people (one being the pilot) so Dan went for a ride with Kalli and Tarek, and then I got to get in and go for a ride with the two kids. It was actually a really fun experience, and not nearly as scary as I had thought it would be. This is a picture of Tarek as he watched the helicopter land before getting a ride And here is Dan and the kids taking off! Thanks again Mom and Dad! And finally, Tarek has finally figured out how to ride his bike without training wheels! He had tried a few times and had gotten so frustrated and given up, I am so glad he tried again and was able to get it! He is now excited to ride his bike again... Just in time for Winter!