Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthday Girl and Snow Day!

So my baby turned four yesterday! I can't believe how quickly she has grown up. She is such a funny, stubborn, girly thing. She is still very much a Daddy's girl or (Daddy's Princess as she calls herself) and adores both her brother and her sister. A few things I want to note to remember about Dreyken are - - She is very girly, still loves to wear tutus and dresses and loves the color purple - Loves to tease, especially her brother - Dolls, Dolls and more Dolls (she askes every day when the baby is coming as she loves babies and is getting tired of waiting) - Refers to Tarek as her "Prince" (something he is not quite sure about :) ) - Is Super Super Stubborn! - Is always singing or humming a song of some sort, some made up some not - She HATES to have her hair combed! - Loves to help in the Kitchen or in her words being a "Cooker Girl" I love this little girl so much. She is such a fun spark to our family and is so much fun. Happy Birthday Dreyken!
On another note, the kids ended up with a snow day today! We got A LOT of snow - needless to say they were not to sad to stay home and have been outside enjoying the snow hill that Dan created while shoveling the drive way. I'm just glad it is warm enough for them to be outside enjoying it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dreyken Dancing

OK - so now that it is a New Year, I again get to try and be better at blogging :) We had a great Christmas / New Years Vacation and are now trying to get back into a normal routine again. We greatly enjoyed getting to see so much family and sure miss everyone now that they have all gone. To start the New Year off, Dreyken has been taking a dance class with a neighbor friend. She was super excited about it when I signed her up but has had some anxiety issues with it. Her class got to perform tonight for the half time of Ririe High School Basketball game and when I dropped her off with her teachers and class she was in tears and not sure she wanted to dance. Well, she did AWESOME! She has come such a long way in just the few months she has been dancing, and I know it is super scary for her to have so much attention, but she really suprised me and was so fun to watch. Hard to believe that she is old enough to actually perform. Good Job Dreyken! (And don't you just love the hair! She does, but it makes it hard for me to pick her out in the group of girls cause she looks so different.)