Friday, April 9, 2010


Well, we had a very eventful springbreak and Easter. My sister and her kids came through both on their way to and from California. It was fun to get to see them even if it was just for a little while. We also got to see my brother Paul for a little bit while he was on his spring break, it will be fun when he is done with school and we get to see more of him. And then we also got to spend some time with both my brother Jake and his family and my brother Scott and his wife, they both live here, but it is always fun to get together and visit.

Spring break seemed really long this year. We did not plan anything special and had hoped to work outside and get stuff done around the house. Well, the weather was HORRIBLE! and my kids were so stir crazy! It was fun to get to have Kalli home for a little while though, I feel like she is at school so much, I hardly ever get to see her. Dreyken decided the week was to uneventful and decided to test out how hot a light bulb can get on a lamp. She burned two of her fingers really good, Luckily for me Dan was home that day so I was able to get her to the Doctor's office without having to drag two other children with me. Well, one of her fingers got infected, it got really swollen and red so I took her back in to the doctor and they are concerned it is worse than a second degree burn, I had to take her to a hand specialist who wants to see her in a week and may possible have to put some grafts on her one finger! I didn't know a lightbulb could cause so much damage! Anyway, for the last week and for another week she has to have her hand wrapped up. It looks so sad to see her try to do things and not be able to. She has been really good about leaving the wrap on at least.

On Saturday, the day before Easter, I woke up and headed to my mom's to meet my sister and take our kids to the local Easter Egg Hunt. It was freezing cold outside and we almost didn't go, but decided last minute to brave it. We were just getting ready to turn onto the street where the park is, and another car ran a red light, hitting a second car and then sliding into me. The worst was watching the entire thing come at me and knowing we were going to get hit and not being able to move! The kids thought it felt like a roller coaster ride, and luckily no body was hurt. The kids were a little disappointed to have to miss the Easter Egg hunt, but we put one together for them to do at my mom's house later that night. (Thanks Jana for taking the pictures for me!)

Then on Easter we went to my parents house for breakfast and got to watch General Conference. It was a little crazy, and I missed a lot of the talkes, but love the feeling of General Conference. Luckily, I can read what was said when the magazine comes out!

On Tuesday, we got about six inches of snow during the night, and school got cancelled for the day! In April! It was so crazy! Even though Kalli had just had spring break, when I went in to tell her there was no school, she was so excited because "we have never had a snow day!" Which is true for her, there have not been any snow days all year! Now for some warmer weather and yard work!