Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am a little slow at getting this posted, on Thursday September 24th my little man turned four! I can hardly believe how fast he is growing up. He is such a fun and spunky little boy, with an imagination that runs wild! We are so glad to have him as part of our family and love every minute that we get to be with him. He got a football game, a football "Green Bay Cheese Packers" outfit and blanket and lots of games with cars. He wanted a race car birthday game party so he had a car pinata and a demolition derby cake. He loved it!

I want to remember a few things about Tarek so...

Tarek has a "Mr. B-dare" that he has had since he was 3 months old

He Loves watching and talking football with his Dad (he roots for any team that Dan wants to lose... they learn so young how to push buttons!)

He loves Spiderman, Batman and getting to sleep in a "Man Cave" (His room is in our unfinished basement)

He is completely convinced that he plays for the "Y-ami Dolphins" he claims to get paid and that his job is to get the ball and run really fast so that he doesn't get tackled. (Tonight I overheard him telling Dan, "if you watch the Y-ami Dolphins play, I am the very smallest one out there")

He loves to make up stories about "Billy and the Dragon" who live down the street from us

He really enjoys preschool and Ms. Karla

He also is really enjoying Gymnastics... and loves doing flips and tricks off of my furniture.

He is very inquisitive and loves to question EVERY THING! WHY is his favorite word.

He loves bugs of any kind and has no fear of them.

And finally, he is Daddy's buddy, Mommy's bear, Kalli's best friend and Dreyken's entertainer.

I am so grateful to get to be his mother and get the chance to raise him. He has such a sweet heart and loves everyone. He will befriend anyone who will give him a minute of their time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAREK!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We were just able to make our trip down to Gunnison for Pumpkin season. The kids love to go every year, and we always have such a good time. Lorie carves the kids names into pumpkins while they are still small and green and the names then look like the pumpkin grew that way. The kids love getting to go and "Hunt" for their pumpkin. Dreyken loved getting to be outside and playing in the swing. She also was a huge fan of the four wheelers (yea she rode on one a few times). All of the cousins were there and so the kids had a great time as always!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Dreyken playing Patty Cake.