Saturday, September 27, 2008


Tarek examining the snake

I just got these pictures from my sister-in-law of a snake that was found while my kids were staying at my in-laws for a few weeks this summer.
Tarek sharing the snake with Tasha
My Mother-in-law said that she found the snake in her garden and was waiting for my Father-in-law to come and get it to take it away. Well my crazy little boy went up and decided the snake looked like a good playmate and without any hesitation pick the thing up.
All boy! AAAAHHH!
The crazy thing it that they were able to get Kalli to even hold and touch the snake, although she doesn't look all that thrilled with the whole thing.
Kalli being brave
They were able to convince Tarek that snakes have germs and so if you touch a snake you need to wash your hands afterwards really good! Now he thinks that you can find snakes anywhere and often times will asked me to go outside and help him find a snake that he can put into a box to keep. After which he informs me that it will be okay, if we see one, he will pick it up so that I won't have to touch it!! Already aware of how I really feel about creatures. It always amazes me the things my kids will do when I am not around!
Tarek and Tasha with the snake
I have also been meaning to put a few pictures of Kalli up at the beginning of soccer this year. She has had a ton of fun and got to play on the same team as Kaydra and Madison (my cousin's daughter) and her coach Madison's mom.

Kalli getting ready for her first soccer game

They have really started to figure out the game and how to play, along with passing and getting open for others. We have told Kalli that if she scores a goal we will take her for ice cream after, she has been told this for the last few years and we had gotten the better end of the deal as she had not scored a goal yet. Well she broke that curse this year and scored a goal in both of their first two games! She was extremely excited and proud, and of course happy to finally get her ice cream
Go Yellow Banana's

Friday, September 26, 2008


Tarek and some flowers he picked for me

On the 24th of September, my little boy turned three! It is so hard to believe that he is getting so big. He woke up in the morning and came out and Dan said to him "Happy birthday Tarek" and he replied with, "it's not my birthday". The conversation went on with Dan trying hard to convince him that it was really his birthday and that he was now three. Kalli had been talking about his birthday for about a week before and he always just thought it was still five days away. We let him open a few presents before Dan and Kalli left for the day, and had finally convinced him it really was his birthday.
Tarek and Kalli with the early morning present from Dan
Well, we than went to lunch with some of my family and Tarek was talking to Kanyon who thought that Tarek's birthday wasn't until the next day which was when we were doing his party. Kanyon told Tarek he was wrong and that he was still just two. Tarek became very irritated and confused and anytime you asked him how old he was he would respond with "I am three, but Kanyon says that I am only two". It was quite funny. He has been really into spiderman lately, so he decided that he wanted a spiderman birthday party.
Getting ready to blow out his candles
So on Thursday he got to have a small little party with some family and he LOVED IT! He loves getting to be the center of attention. He go lots of fun presents and a new big boy bike that he can't get enough of.
Trying out his Big Boy Bike
He is such a good kid and such a joy to have in our family. He is turning into a little Dan with his sarcasm and teasing, Kalli often times being the target. I feel so blessed to have such great kids and a wonderful husband. They sure do make my life fun, and keep me on my toes, but I sure do love them.

Out for his first ride!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Tarek not to excited about getting a hair cut

Today I decided Tarek really needed a hair cut (okay, so he has needed one for a long time now and I just got around to it today). He, of course, was not very happy about the whole thing because he loves to have his hair done in a mohawk fashion every morning by his dad before he leaves for work.
Tarek with his favorite hair do

I was finally able to convince him we need to cut it and bribed him with a sucker when we were done. The picture above is after I offered the sucker, needless to say, the bribe worked.
Half way done! He really liked this mohawk.

After the whole ordeal was done!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So yesterday I got to go and have my ultrasound done. We had debated about whether or not to find out what we were having, and had decided that we wanted to know. I wanted to be able to be ready when the baby comes and not have to worry about everything being unisex. Kalli also really wanted to know. Kalli really wants a girl and Tarek says that he wants a boy, Dan and I don't really care as we already have one of each so it doesn't really matter. Well, everything looked good and the baby was healthy and very very stubborn! We were unable to see what we are having! The technician tried to get the baby to move around, even having me get up at one point hoping the baby would shift positions. It shifted a little, but not how we had hoped. So apparently we are going to have a surprise after all! After talking to Brooke though, it will be kind of fun to not know and be surprised. Oh well, at least the baby is healthy!