Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So last Friday I got a HUGE surprise. Dan came home a little early from work and held out some car keys. He asked if I wanted to drive my new car. I WAS SHOCKED! I have been asking for a bigger car since I first found out I was pregnant with Dreyken. He actually hadn't bought the car yet, but was really serious about it. I drove it around a bit and really liked it. Anyway, he headed back to the car lot and was gone for another hour and a half. When he came home, he still had the van and had traded in his truck. It was the best surprise I have had in awhile. What a great husband I have.
I also took Dreyken in for her four month check-up. She had grown some, but only weighed in at 15lbs 1oz, meaning she only gained three lbs in the last two months. She went from 90th percentile to 40th. However, she is still a chunky looking baby with chubby checks. She was 26 3/4 inches long, and the best news of all NO HELMET! The doctor was quite impressed with the progress she has made with the help of the chiropractor. I was so glad to hear that we wouldn't need a helmet. She is getting big fast and loves to play with Kalli and Tarek. She has also learned she has a voice and loves to just scream.
We headed to Lagoon for a Parry family reunion. It was so fun to see so many family members and my kids had fun getting to know some of their other cousins (well, I should say second cousins) Tarek's favorite ride was getting to be a passenger in the go carts,(thanks Tammi and Larkin for the picture!) Kalli on the other hand got a migraine about half way through the day and ended up sleeping on the grass for most of the afternoon. She was really bummed out and frustrated that she always ends up sick on days we do fun things.
I played in a tennis match on Saturday. It has been awhile since I had played in a tournament and this one was small and only on Saturday so I decided I would give it a go. It was a mixed doubles tournament and my cousin Jordyn was also playing in the same tournament, just at a higher level. We had won our first two matches and were warming up for our third (and last) of the day when I rolled my ankle. I was able to play the match but was in quite a bit of pain and couldn't move very well, luckily for me, my partner doesn't mind running all over for the shots I miss. We did end up winning the match, and I now have a huge bruised foot to show for my efforts. So much for feeling better!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Dreyken in now officially four months old! The time has gone by so fast, she is getting so big and so cute. I don't take her in for her check-up until the 10th, but according to the chiropractor it is looking like we may not have to have a helmet! YEA! She has started to roll over (only from tummy to back though, she really is not a fan of being on her tummy), loves to yell and talk, and has started to laugh. It is so cute to hear her really laugh hard.Dreyken has also started to suck on her shirts. Anytime she can, she shoves her clothes into her mouth and sucks on it making her clothes soaking wet. She loves her brother and sister and almost always has a smile on her face.

As for other news, I was able to travel with my mom to visit my sister Markell in Moscow for a weekend. I took Dreyken with me and Dan watched the other two kids. Actually, they headed up to my Grandparents cabin for a few nights and camped out. Tarek thought sleeping in a tent was the coolest thing next to catching bugs. Kalli learned to ride a motorcycle for the first time (well sort of anyway, it sounds like she was a little scared and prefers the small four wheelers she rides a lot better) It sounds like they had a great weekend. Dreyken and I spent the weekend helping Markell move to a new apartment and shopping. It was lots of fun to get to spend time with her and my mom, and not have to worry about the other kids running around.

Dan and Tarek have also been busy out in our yard. Tarek is quite the little helper and always wants to be where his Dad is. He is very into the bugs he catches, and was VERY impressed when Grandpa was able to catch a bee in a jar and not get stung. (the bee had gotten into the house and my dad was able to trap it on a window into a jar). The bee came home with us that night, and lucky for me, it is no longer with us! I am not sure what I am going to do with him and his love of bugs. He has found my canning jars downstairs and will bring several up to catch bugs and worms in, and then want them to live on my table and counter. He returned home with a jar full of slugs from the cabin (SOOO GROSS!) I often wonder where he came from. Yesterday, after getting after him for not listening to me, I was starting to get a little angry at him, when he looks me straight in the eyes and says " MOM! JUST CHILL!" What a kid.

Kalli is now done with Second grade and is all ready for summer. She had a great time at Kaydra's birthday / going away party, but is really sad to see her go. She was glad to know that unlike when a friend moves away and you don't get to see them anymore, she will still get to see Kaydra once in a while. She is just finishing soccer and is beginning softball. She was really disappointed when she found out she was going to have to miss her first game for a dentist appointment where she is getting some teeth pulled. She is really not looking forward to that at all. She is such a great helper to me with Dreyken, and I am excited to get to have her home for awhile.