Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well, seems like I am only good at updating the blog when there is a birthday, so...
My Sweet, Funny, Cute, Crazy Tarek just turned FIVE!! I can't believe that he is really that old! He is such a smart kid who loves to share all that he knows with whoever will listen. He loves to make people laugh and to be comical. He is in pre-school again this year, and so far has really been enjoying it. So a few things about Tarek....

-He is really enjoying gymnastics (and is actually getting really good!)
-He loves to play football, and watch games especially when the Packers are involved!
-His favorite color is still Yellow (which has some influence on his Packers choice)
-He still loves the stuffed bear he got from his grandparents at three months old
-Loves to make people laugh
-He is a huge help, especially when I had to shuck 100+ ears of corn! Who knew a
little boy could work so hard!
-He is very proud of his VERY LARGE Sunflowers that he grew this year. (They are
-Still enjoys catching any kind of bug or creature (even being allergic to bees, he
was trying to catch one in a jar the other day!)
-Has one of the hugest most tender hearts! He will go out of his way for anyone,
especially his mom and two sisters.
-He is a wonderful brother and has to put up with a lot from both Kalli and Dreyken,
yet he is always willing to share, play and entertain them.

We are so lucky to get to have such a sweet little man in our house and I feel so lucky to get to be his Mom! Happy Birthday Bear!