Sunday, November 7, 2010


We had a great Halloween this year! Dreyken was old enough to have a great time, and the other kids got LOTS of candy! We dressed Dreyken up as a Dragon this year (since she wasn't old enough to really care and the costume was really warm). Tarek had a really hard time choosing his costume, but ended up dressing up as a Hot Wheels Race Car Driver. Kalli chose to be Draculara (the daughter of Dracula) and looked really cute in her pink and black wig. We carved pumpkins the week of Halloween, and lucky for me, I had a little help this year! Kalli was able to do most of her pumpkin herself! Tarek, cleaned out a lot of his, choose his pattern and punched most of the design! And then there was Dreyken's... She wouldn't even put her hand into the pumpkin!! A friend of my parents has a helicopter that Tarek was told about. Well, since then he has been asking when he is going to get to go for a ride. My parents set up a date for us to go for family night one night, and Tarek was one happy little boy!! It can only hold four people (one being the pilot) so Dan went for a ride with Kalli and Tarek, and then I got to get in and go for a ride with the two kids. It was actually a really fun experience, and not nearly as scary as I had thought it would be. This is a picture of Tarek as he watched the helicopter land before getting a ride And here is Dan and the kids taking off! Thanks again Mom and Dad! And finally, Tarek has finally figured out how to ride his bike without training wheels! He had tried a few times and had gotten so frustrated and given up, I am so glad he tried again and was able to get it! He is now excited to ride his bike again... Just in time for Winter!

Friday, October 15, 2010


(So I wrote this post back on the 15th of October, but the pics wouldn't load for me! so now a few weeks later here it is!!)

Every year we try to head down to Gunnison during pumpkin season. It is always a crazy time for my in-laws and they are so good to let us come then, cause my kids LOVE IT! They love getting to see all the pumpkins and squashes that there are, helping out with school classes that come to tour the farm, and working for Grandma picking pumpkins. Oh yea, they also enjoy getting to drive four-wheelers around on the farm! This year was no different, the kids had a great time. They helped with the straw maze, the school classes, picking pumpkins, running a lemonade stand, and just getting to be outside.

Kalli had a great time with her cousin Harley who is just a year younger than her and lives in Gunnison. They planned and had quite a bit of success running a lemonade stand down at the farm's market.

Tarek's highlight of the trip was driving a four-wheeler for his first time alone! It was rather scary for me as a mom to watch, but the look on his face afterwards was pure joy! He was a big help with the pumpkins, and of course got in his golf game. He enjoys being there so much, but is always so stuffy and miserable no matter what we do with his allergies. He is such a trouper and just continues on with the day, snorting every few seconds and washing his hands anytime he touches an animal.

Dreyken LOVED the animals, she would talk to the kittens and dogs like they were her little babies, in a high pitched voice telling them what to do. Usually it was "Follow, follow me!" to which they usually didn't cooperate very well. She also got in her game of golf (or at least a few holes). She took some convincing to get on a four-wheeler, but loved it once she got on.
Anyway, this post it starting to get really long, but we always have such a great time when we go. Thanks David and Lorie for putting up with us doing your crazy time of year!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well, seems like I am only good at updating the blog when there is a birthday, so...
My Sweet, Funny, Cute, Crazy Tarek just turned FIVE!! I can't believe that he is really that old! He is such a smart kid who loves to share all that he knows with whoever will listen. He loves to make people laugh and to be comical. He is in pre-school again this year, and so far has really been enjoying it. So a few things about Tarek....

-He is really enjoying gymnastics (and is actually getting really good!)
-He loves to play football, and watch games especially when the Packers are involved!
-His favorite color is still Yellow (which has some influence on his Packers choice)
-He still loves the stuffed bear he got from his grandparents at three months old
-Loves to make people laugh
-He is a huge help, especially when I had to shuck 100+ ears of corn! Who knew a
little boy could work so hard!
-He is very proud of his VERY LARGE Sunflowers that he grew this year. (They are
-Still enjoys catching any kind of bug or creature (even being allergic to bees, he
was trying to catch one in a jar the other day!)
-Has one of the hugest most tender hearts! He will go out of his way for anyone,
especially his mom and two sisters.
-He is a wonderful brother and has to put up with a lot from both Kalli and Dreyken,
yet he is always willing to share, play and entertain them.

We are so lucky to get to have such a sweet little man in our house and I feel so lucky to get to be his Mom! Happy Birthday Bear!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law Randy got married. So we took a really quick trip down to Gunnison and then on to SLC for the wedding. While we were all dressed up, Dan's cousin Jessica took a few pictures for me of our family and our kids. Finally a family picture that includes Dreyken! She does such an awesome job and the pictures turned out so cute! Thanks Jessica! Anyway, I just wanted to share the pics, so enjoy!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kalli Lyn turns 9!

So I am a little slow at getting this post up as Kalli has been nine for over a week! It is still hard to realize she is now 9! How did she get so old so fast!!! So, I wanted to write a few things down about her, so looking back both her and I can remember those special little things.

-She is a wonderful big sister to both her brother and sister
-Dreyken will go to Kalli over Mom most of the time!
-She loves to listen to music and dance with Dreyken (something Dreyken loves to do!)
-be careful, she has a very sarcastic sense of humor! She comes across as shy, but once she opens up, she is full of fun.
-Is a very good clogger
-Loves to read books, both by herself and to her brother and sister
-She is always asking to make brownies, and does a very good job making them mostly by herself (I just have to put them in the oven!)
-She has such a great heart and is such a wonderful daughter, I am very lucky to get to be her mom!

I love this picture of Kalli and Tarek! It is so how they are together!

I really do feel so lucky to get to have Kalli as my daughter, she is such a blessing to our family. She has been such a huge help to me this last year, and has become a little mom to Dreyken. For her birthday (and because they were starting to get really in the way) she was able to get contacts, and is so happy to be able to see! I thought she looked very cute in glasses, but remember how much more freedom I felt when I got to move on to contacts. Markell came up for a few days and we were able to take my kids downtown to get a few updated pictures, needless to say, Kalli wants to go redo them since she had her glasses on then! The pictures turned out super cute! Thanks Markell!

She wanted a blue lady bug cake for her birthday (weird I know) but her reasoning was that her favorite but was a ladybug and her favorite color is blue! It actually turned out pretty cute in the end. Happy Birthday Kalli! We love you!