Thursday, August 27, 2009


So time has flown by and I haven't updated our blog in awhile. A lot has happened for our small little family. So be prepared for a lot of photo updates! Kalli got hair dye for her birthday from her Aunt Markell, something she (Kalli) has been asking for awhile to get. I was super nervous when I began to wash out the dye and her hair was REALLY WHITE! It turned out super cute and she loves it.
We then had the privilege of having family come and visit to watch Kalli get baptized. She had to get baptized twice, but did manage to finally get completely immersed. She than looked so pretty in her white dress and was so blessed to have so many worth men there to confirm her. Tarek was having some asthma issues and was throwing up throughout the entire thing (Thanks Markell for taking him out) It turned out to be such a wonderful day and we are so proud of her and love her so much, she is wonderful daughter and a great example to her younger brother and sister. Thanks to all those who were able to make it.

Kalli with her Dad, her two Grandpa's and her Grandpa Great Parry
We got to spend a weekend camping with my family and that was a lot of fun (other than the freezing cold nights) Dreyken and I slept in the car and after the first night when I didn't have the keys, I would turn the car on to keep her and I warm. It got to 27 degrees one night... yea COLD! My kids loved getting to camp and play with their cousins. We are not much for camping, but the kids really had a great time and we may just have to do it again next year when it is warmer. I forgot my camera (I seem to be doing that a lot) but am hoping to get some pictures from my mom sometime.

Kalli than got to start third grade on Monday the 24th of August. And of course I forgot to take a picture of her the first day, so this is a picture of her second day of school. She is starting to not like camera's and pictures. She is growing so fast!

Tarek is getting ready to start preschool on September 9th and is so excited! He just got a letter from his teacher with a count down calender with stickers. This is Tarek hiding in my towel closet, we were playing a game of hide-and-seek, and it was a good think Dan cheated or we never would have found him! What a funny kid he is.

We did have quite the scare with a friend of Tarek's over the weekend. I had taken my three kids to the swimming pool with two other friends of mine and their kids. One of who is Tarek's really good friend. As we began to get ready to go, we were packing up the babies and gathering up towels when Sheldon's mom said "I don't see Sheldon". We all began to scan the group of kids that had formed at the pool as it had gotten rather crowded. I then see Andrea (the other friend of mine) dive into the pool and come up with Sheldon in her arms, blue as could be. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911 as the screams had drawn over other people, one of whom was a nurse. After calling 911 I went and gathered up his two sisters who were still in the pool, and my own two kids and headed off to the side out of view of the commotion. The medics arrived and took Sheldon to the ER and got him to start breathing again. Andrea and I gathered up the kids and took them to our houses (she lives directly across the street from me) and before I even got home I had calls from people in the ward wanting to help out (even offering to nurse Lana's four month old baby). Word had traveled fast and the response was incredible. Sheldon had to be Life Flighted to SLC and for awhile it was just sit and wait for us here. Things have turned out great, Sheldon is doing really well and only had to stay a few nights in SLC and is up and running around. We are so grateful he made it through and for all those offers to help. Tarek has been wanting to make and take presents to Sheldon since he "didn't die and can still be my friend." He has colored pictures, wrapped up a pen, and given him some money. All thought up on his own. Let me just say I never want to have to experience that again EVER!

Dreyken is getting so big! She has figured out patty-cake (sort of) and loves to pull hair. She is sitting up, but has not attempted to crawl yet (YEA!) She does move around very quickly in her walker and often runs over other people's toes that are not paying attention. She has developed quite a bit of stranger anxiety and doesn't NOT like it when her Dad goes in at night instead of Mom. Funny how they figure out who can feed them and who can't. She is such a happy kid most of the time, and loves playing with Tarek and Kalli. With the weather finally being so nice she has discovered the swing and loves to swing outside.
And finally, I got some pictures from the Beck family reunion we had in July from my brother-in-law and thought I would post some of the many pictures. What a great time we had, it is always so fun to get to go and play on the farm. Thanks David and Lorie for the great time.