Friday, March 14, 2014

Iriel is ONE!

So I am a little late at getting this one up, but not too bad :) I can't believe that this little monster is one! She is such a funny, mostly mellow, goofy little girl. We celebrated her birthday a little early in order to have a few cousins around for the party. So fun that she has so many cousins to grow up with. A few stats on Iriel at her first year check up just so I can remember:

Weight: 18# 10 oz
Height: 29"

She is a little bit on the smaller side just like most of her other siblings (Dreyken is the exception), but otherwise a healthy happy little girl!

She loves to "throw" anything, but especially balls - Luckily for her we have a MILLION soccer balls lying around all the time. She loves when anyone will sit and roll a ball back and forth with her.

She also loves "Babies" - Her voice goes high and squeaky anytime she sees a doll around. As soon as she gets her hands on it she gives it a big hug and will tote them all over.

She is not walking yet, I personally think she is just a little bit lazy and prefers to be carried, but no hurry yet. Hopefully she will be walking before it gets too warm outside so we can enjoy a fun summer.

She loves Food!! She will eat anything, and likes almost everything. She is also figuring out that what mom and dad are eating is usually better tasting than what she has :) even when they are the same thing.

She loves to clap and will clap and cheer at the kids soccer games, she also know how to wave and will wave out the window to the kids and Dan as they leave in the mornings.

Naps are still something she is good at and for the most part enjoys. She loves her blanket and will find the corner of the blanket and "fan" herself with it to calm down. That or rub it on her other hand.

And finally - She is Clown! She loves to make people laugh and will repeat things over and over if it is getting someone to giggle. Especially her siblings.

Love this little girl and love getting to be her mommy. She is such a joy in our family, and is so loved by her sisters and brothers.  Happy Birthday Iriel!

Irie's Cake - one for her and some for the rest of us

She LOVED the balloons!

(love how in this picture she has no interest in her other presents, yet all the other kids are super happy to help)

Not quite sure of the candle.

Loved it!


Traci said...

LOVE all the pictures! She is SO cute! Sad we couldn't be there, but Happy Birthday!!! :) Love & Miss you guys!!

Jake and Jana said...

Super cute little lady! Glad we could be there! Can't believe she is one!! They change so much the first couple years.